Advanced Uninstaller Pro is one of the most versatile tools to completely remove programs and their traces from your computer. This applies not only to software applications and drivers, and dynamic libraries, and registry entries that can remain after the removal of a program.

Main Features Of Advanced Uninstaller Pro

First of all, it is worth noting that this utility is completely free. Regarding its capabilities, they are in principle very similar to the feature set of all programs of this type. It goes without saying that after the removal of certain software applications standard Windows, which in the system are not removed some of the files and folders, registry entries, scanned eventually lead to the inhibition of the entire system. All this is a so-called "junk" remaining after removal.

You understand that, for example, after removing some device drivers in the system may remain heavy dynamic libraries format DLL. They occupy a large enough hard drive space, and at the operating system handling talking to them. The more, the slower the operating system is loaded. This utility allows you to avoid all this, because not only removes the program, but many system utilities or configuration program running in the background, it is absolutely correct and complete.


As for the interface, it is, in principle, absolutely simple and intuitive. The whole process is automated uninstall, causing the user of any level of preparation there is no need to go into any kind was related settings. Enough to choose the proposed transaction uninstall some applications, the program does not automatically uninstall only the main subject, but also choose the accompanying files and folders to be destroyed. It is for this utility, and enjoys a great popularity among users of all levels.

To sum up some results, it should be noted that this software is one of the most serious and powerful uninstaller in the market at all. Popularity brought him full automation of work, as well as quite a serious approach to the process of removing software applications. By and large, it removes not only the executable file, but all that was needed to run the program. Note that all this is done automatically and requires no user intervention.