Advego plagiatus - this is the most desired and most powerful tool that you will need any copywriter or rewriter. Appendix Advego Plagiatus created exclusively to check the uniqueness of the whole finished article or text fragments in terms of citation or normal copy that occurs quite often.

Key Features Advego Plagiatus

In general, the program Advego Plagiatus, although it has a built-in text editor online, it was originally designed to search for matches in the published text, just write, etc. Used to match multiple virtual systems, among which the dominant position occupied by Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Googlei Nigma. It is believed that these engines are able to determine the greatest probability that the key phrase has once met in some article or in the description present in the publications of the World Wide Web.

With regard to the management and use of the program Advego Plagiatus, everything is simple. To verify the uniqueness of the text simply copy the text fragment and insert it into the main program window Advego Plagiatus. At the end of the analysis time you will get the results of original, expressed as a percentage. It is clear that many copywriters such tool is a must in order to avoid being suspected in the usual "copy-paste" (standard Copy / Paste). In addition, many employers require that the final text of the uniqueness of not less than 95%.

It is a tool and is the most popular. It seems that in addition to Advego Plagiatus currently not created anything that would at least to some extent been able to beat him. Do not believe me? Try to copy some text from any site and paste it in the window Advego Plagiatus. The result did not take long.

No less important function can be called and what software Advego Plagiatus has the ability to check the uniqueness of URL-addresses, and, in the same way as plain text.

In the settings Advego Plagiatus, of course, you can set the threshold limit matches to choose used search engines, set some restrictions, and more. But I think if you ask such restrictions, you'll never really know exactly how unique your text.


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