If you are changing cell phone and want to take your contacts, media files and simply from one to the other, I know that not everything is so easy if the devices have different systems.

To help address this, Aiseesoft FoneCopy allows you to transfer contacts, photos, music and videos between an iPhone and an Android.

Whether you want to send to the iPhone or Android, it can do the transfer with a few steps. You can also use two iPhones or two Android this transfer, although there are other ways to do this promptly in such cases.

To begin, you need to plug both devices, and you will need the password of the two to unlock them. After that, just choose the file types you want to transfer - contacts, photos and other media - and then authorize the procedure. It's that simple! When finished, disconnect the phone and you'll have your duplicate files, a copy for each device.

Review Of Aiseesoft FoneCopy

The application  Aiseesoft FoneCopy is an interesting tool for those who copy iPhone files and contacts to Android or otherwise. It works very simply and do all the work yourself. You just need to plug the devices on your computer, choose to copy and make the transfer.

Thus, change phone has never been easier - at least if you're thinking about work to transfer everything manually from one to the other. You can do this between two devices, whether two iPhones, Androids or two of each, you just need USB cable and, depending on how many files, plenty of time.

He does not ask any advanced configuration, but it may be necessary to maintain equipment without locking password, or the operation may fail. If this happens, you will need to keep an eye to the screen of the phone is not off - the process is very fast if you are just transferring contacts, but the photos and videos take considerably.

Worth it?
Despite the time spent in the process,  Aiseesoft FoneCopy is an interesting application that deserves a test. He can successfully transfer contacts, photos, music and videos between an iPhone and an Android or two devices with the same system and is very practical for those who do not want to do it manually.



Easy to set up
Transfers and media contacts between iPhone and Android


May take a while

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