Album Player - one of the most powerful and interesting software media player with a lot of features for the formation and reproduction of music collections playlists that display audio albums that are not only on the computer's hard disk and removable devices. Furthermore, music files can be played not only directly, but also from a disk.

Key Features Album Player

First of all, I want to note the formats that are able to operate the program. These include MP3, FLAC, APE, ALAC, SACD-R, DVD-A, etc. If you are creating playlists, use information held by Falah format CUE. At the same time, read the most complete information, including the availability on the support of the album, artist name, year of release of the album, the title track and information about each of them. Quite interesting is the approach to the mapping of a cover album. The fact that in most cases, there is only one picture, but, if there are several, they are viewed as a slide show.

No less important is the direct sound from the software decoder on the playback device. This avoids the intermediate mixing and processing, as well as outputs the original sound without any distortion and delay. By the way, in the program there are several modes of sound output, among which the most important and powerful technologies are DirectSound, ASIO, Kernel Streaming and WASAPI.



Another important factor why this unit has become so popular among music fans can be called what it is designed as a portable version (Portable) and does not require installation on your hard drive. In other words, the recorded program on the normal flash drive or memory card, music and professional tool to play it you can always have on hand, or simply in your pocket. Just run the executable file with EXE and immediately get to work. By the way, if the music is on the same device, when using the last settings saved.

Thus, in spite of its portability, we have a very powerful professional tool for listening to music albums and create playlists. Yes, the sound quality is far superior to many contemporary software products created in this area. Plus, there's a unique opportunity to play, even from the usual way audio CD or DVD. Here, perhaps, not many programs can be compared with this package.

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