AltarSoft Photo Editor - program as probably already clear from the title, which is the set of graphical editors. It easily can be used for working with digital photos or other type of raster and vector images. Functional set quite wide and, to some extent, reminiscent of many well-known programs in this series.

Key Features Altarsoft Photo Editor

First of all, it is worth noting that the program is distributed absolutely free and does not take up much space on your hard drive. Among the main features you can find many tools offered by modern graphics editors. Quite elementary, you can resize the image itself and the canvas, adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and color gamut can crop images, remove red eye, use a variety of filters to create special effects (they are in the program for more than forty) and much, much more. Also, many of the available selections. For example, you can select part of the image, the image completely, use a circular, circular or polygon selection, use the lasso tool, and so on.. In this sense, tools and effects are standard.

In the organization of the interface, in addition to the main window, which houses the image, there are three additional: view, color and layers. In the preview window displays a small copy of the original image. Here you can manage and all scaling. In the selected color or background color brush. A horse layers operations are performed with salts or management transparency.

However, the biggest surprise of the program was the last. The fact that the application has the ability to produce screen capturer (ie, creating the so-called screenshots). Moreover, the capture can be done, for example, with the entire screen, a window is currently active programs or some of the selected region. And, of course, then this screenshot you can edit like a normal image, applying to it all the functions available in the function set.

Thus, it must be said that, in his own way, the program is quite unique and very functional. In addition to standard tools, it combines in its arsenal, and some additional features. It seems that many users will find it for himself something interesting. By this, the user community is virtually unlimited. After the application is suitable for the job, both professionals and untrained users in the field of graphics.


Download Altarsoft Photo Editor