Anvide Lock Folder is a universal program to hide files and folders on the local drive or removable device. The main difference of this product is that the reliability of the application is available in the form of a portable version, which is very convenient. Using Anvide Lock Folder, though simple, but has some significant differences from the many programs of this type.

Key Features Of Anvide Lock Folder

Surely, it is clear that the principle of hidden files and folders substantially no different than the algorithms that are used in other applications such direction. However, the principle of using the program Anvide Lock Folder is very interesting.

And So. It is recommended to keep the program on removable media, say, an ordinary USB-drive (flash drive), a removable memory card, external removable hard disk, the basic disk, etc. The application itself is run from removable media. After starting in Windows Explorer just select the desired items and just add them to the list, which is all that you want to hide, and then select the appropriate operation from the program menu. In addition, you must enter a password to access the application interface. After hiding all objects simply confiscate the removable media from the computer and all. Now, no matter how try to see the hidden data will not work. For the reverse process is used again, the removable media on which the program itself and the password is hidden from prying eyes. As you can see, unlike the programs that are installed in the system, the password here to pick up is not possible, because there is no key itself, or rather the removable media with the program. If permanently installed utility, you can still try to guess the password, in this case it is absolutely excluded.

As for the interface, it is very simple and intuitive, supports multiple languages, and the appearance is easily changed through the use of skins (they need to be downloaded separately). It goes without saying that the program Anvide Lock Folder support a combination of "hot" keys, and for experienced users also provided the opportunity to work from the command line. In the end it remains to add that the program is absolutely free, has a small size distribution and does not require any additional knowledge to use or change the main settings.


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