AnVir Task Manager - one and the most unique and versatile system utilities that lets you keep track of all system processes for automatic launch of Windows. Incidentally, this applies not only to speed up loading, but also, to some extent, the detection and removal of viruses and malware that may be contained in the menu to automatically download.

Key Features of AnVir Task Manager

The work of the software application is reduced to detection of any type of malware or code that may interfere with the normal startup. In this respect, it is worth noting that the database contains more than one hundred thousand descriptions of programs or automatically installs the drivers and additional add-ins to the web browser and allows you to safely remove it all.

For example, the type of service integrates mail. ru as a toolbar, the default search engine or a means of preventing the invasion of virus attacks. In fact, this is the most that neither is a disgusting component which not only overrides the default Internet browser and adds a completely unnecessary features in the operating system itself. It is here that you may encounter a situation where the keeper of mail. ru will directly oppose any anti-virus program installed on your system.

And that's not all. In addition to collecting information and the possibility of disabling any type of services that are automatically boot menu, you can manage all available services or used by device drivers. By the way, and then, the program behaves quite correct, since, allows you to completely block some malicious application called Spyware. When fading sheet report, the program allows you to track the safety rating of each running background service. In addition, the estimated probability that any application that runs automatically, is malicious. Even if these applications attempt to automatically add itself to the startup menu, the program is able to block them even.

In general, if we talk about this software product, you should note it and lazy loading mode, which allows you to run all you need to start directly after the operating system itself. This not only saves time, start-up, but also to work practically in safe mode boot. Of course, the average user to understand this program will not be easy, but the man at least once faced with the problem of work Windows, for sure, will appreciate this utility on the five plus.


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