AppRemover - quite an interesting tool. Which is designed primarily to help the most inexperienced user to remove the antivirus and anti-spyware software from your hard drive. It allows you to take full advantage of a variety of functions to clean the system, even in spite of the presence of residual files and modules that are present after uninstallation of a software product.

Key Features Of AppRemover

Immediately it is worth noting that this software is designed specifically for removing modules described above applications because they leave behind a lot of traces in the form of dynamic link libraries, files, reports, etc. Actually, this is done for one simple reason. When you reinstall the same anti-virus, it does not need to make a check using the in-depth analysis. The report file can immediately view the most used area of the hard disk or checking options.

But here, if you decide to change your anti-virus protection on something new, it's just the same, may not turn out. The point is that all products of this type are in conflict with each other. In order to avoid this, and created this app. It allows you to not only get rid of the program files, applications themselves physically removed from the hard drive, but also produce a thorough cleaning of the registry, which keeps a record of all installed software and system settings. Just try to go to the Registry Editor, you can see a huge number of references to the programs that were deleted long ago. Not even all Optimiser allow complete removal of data from these areas.

In this case, we are dealing with an entirely new approach to the critical moments of conflict programs and ensure efficiency of the operating system, even after a full edit the registry automatically. You understand that anti-virus software to remove from your computer is not so simple. To do this, you have to be, at least ka, a customer who understands the system, which is called "inside and out". But this software allows most professional deystvi1 even entry-level users. Furthermore, the default settings themselves such that the above processes associated with any type of uninstalling software need not even think.

Thus, if a certain sum up, we can say that this software is one of the most modern and versatile tool that allows easy not to think about removing software detects a virus or spyware from your computer. Yes, and the process of using quite simple. Just follow the instructions in the wizard, and you will get the desired result immediately.


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