Asa Cleaner 4 For PC is a cleanser that removes unnecessary data on your computer to let it faster, as temporary internet files, cookies, recent items, historical, among others. The program also works with clean records, allowing several options customization and rescue.

In addition to providing cleaning features, Asa Cleaner 4 For PC has several tools to configure Windows options. That way you can choose the programs that start with the machine, and easily uninstall other software that you no longer need.

Check before cleaning

Cleanings that Asa Cleaner 4 For PC performs can be "expected", you simply click "Preview Cache" for the program to analyze and display what is to be deleted. If the "Confirm deleting" is enabled, the program will always ask before deleting any file, which helps to avoid undue exclusions.

In addition to removing junk files and clean the registry for invalid entries, the Cleaner 4 Asa is able to take you directly to important local system, in which you can run Windows programs themselves to restore the system, defragment the disk, configure options internet and more.


Features Of Asa Cleaner 4 For PC

Asa Cleaner 4 For PC is a cleanser that has received several patches to increase its functionality. However, developers ended up ditching the program interface work. His visual obsolete and poorly structured hinders the user experience when selecting options.

The procedure for each action takes place in a confusing manner and using more than a few clicks. All this combined with the absence of the Portuguese language contributes to accumulate even more negatives to the software.

In contrast, with enough patience and insistence, the cleaning can be done comprehensively. During our tests the  Cleaner 4 Asa was able to free up enough hard disk space, and work well with uninstalling other programs.

Download Asa Cleaner 4