Ashampoo Backup 2016 is a tool that allows you to back up your entire hard drive simply and easily. It can periodically update these files automatically, eliminating the need to do it manually from time to time.

The program was developed to create the backup of entire disks and therefore you can not select just a few folders so that the procedure is performed. It allows you to send these data compressed to any directory on your PC, including the same unit which is copying the contents.

Despite the option, it is not recommended, since the sole purpose of making a backup is to have a backup stored on another disk in case there is a problem with the original HD. That is, if the main storage device stops working, you will not be able to recover the backup stored on it.

How To Proceed

To start using Ashampoo Backup 2016, you need to pay attention to some important settings. From the home screen, check if the "Backing up these disks" is configured correctly. If not, click the underlined item and select the disks to be copied.

Again the home screen, check the option "To this folder" and set the location where the backup should be saved. Choose a directory outside the unit being copied. Then adjust the process timing in "When to back up." Finally, tap "Enable Plan" to make effective backup program. When the time / day defined in frequency is reached, the app will start making the backup.

It may take a while for that first backup is complete, since no data was copying yet, but the next time, this should not be repeated. Note that for free, you can only use the Ashampoo Backup for 10 days. After that, you can get a free license for 40 days, but when it also ends, you need to buy the program.


Review Of Ashampoo Backup 2016

Ashampoo Backup 2016 is a great solution for those who need to back up your entire hard drive because of the danger of losing important documents due to potential problems in the units. If you do not trust cloud storage services such as onedrive, Google Drive and other programs like this are the best way out.

Ashampoo Backup stands out because of getting back up entire drives without difficulty. It also has tools to restore these backups, if you end up needing them eventually.

In our tests, however, we note that the procedure is extremely slow, as expected, after the app copies the entire HD from documents, photos and music to the operating system itself. Thus, if any hardware failure, you can recover absolutely everything effortlessly.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Ashampoo Backup interface is fully translated into Portuguese and is still showing fairly simple to use. Thus, even inexperienced users can operate it without the assistance of a professional. Therefore we can say that it is worth doing a test with Ashampoo Backup.


Backs up the entire hard drive
Updates backup periodically
Simple to use

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