AVG LinkScanner is free software, which is primarily intended to ensure the safety of the Internet by visiting various kinds of web sites and pages in real time. Moreover, this software is compatible with many antivirus and working with them very properly without impacting the system resources of the computer.

The Main Features Of AVG LinkScanner

Probably, it is no secret that the majority represented the World Wide Web sites, do not consist of a single page. Each site can include hundreds or even thousands of pages. And this application provides comprehensive protection by scanning each resource.

With regard to the operation and use of the program, everything is simple. The main part of the application is presented in the form of two modules. This Active Surf-Shield and Search-Shield. The first module provides a full scan and protect your system from Internet attacks, malicious code that may be contained on the Web sites and pages. The second component allows to avoid malicious software by using various search engines. In other words, when returning search engine search results, with high probability, the program determines the potential threat of a web resource before his visit to the user. I must say that this program works with many popular search engines and machines, for example, Yandex, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. On. And it is due to the combination of these two modules is achieved Comprehensive protection of the entire system. In addition, for each search engine program provides a safety rating, which naturally gives users the right to choose when using a particular search engine.

This software is easy to use by the fact that information about hacked sites and pages, as well as sites that pose a threat to the system is constantly updated. So, users can be sure of the relevance and reliability of the protection. In addition, as mentioned above, the program has no conflicts with other installed anti-virus software, which naturally makes it quite attractive. Not every software product is able to boast the absence of conflicts with antivirus software. Here the situation is quite different.

Well, of course, the low load on system resources, even in the process of scanning and protection in real-time allows you to use this application even on low-end computers today. In addition, the program has full compatibility with the latest versions of operating systems Windows, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


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