Avira Antivir Rescue System is a fairly powerful and versatile means of restoring the operating system, provided even unable to boot OSes. Damage to the system using this tool can be restored in minutes by anyone, not even having a clue about this kind of processes.

Main Features Of Avira Antivir Rescue System

You understand that this program is designed to work with removable media. The only thing that is required is to configure the BIOS settings with the condition of the boot, for example, a CD / DVD-ROM, USB - drive or, removable memory card, if a driver is present in the system.

This software is one of those universal tools that allow you to fully scan your system to its physical start. Application is able to detect the presence of a huge number of threats not only in the registry, but in the startup file of the OSes. By the way, sometimes it is very convenient, because even not all known to date anti-virus software can detect the presence of various threats on the computer.

By itself, a variant of the boot disk from Avira Antivir Rescue System is updated several times a day. Therefore, you can always be confident in the fact that when checking uses the latest virus database update. Although in principle this extra software package does not differ from the applications of this type, however, it has its advantages and to some extent resembles the work of several antiviral disc type or Kaspersky Dr.Web. It also is loaded with the disc, but in contrast to the aforementioned programs and does not block the system has great potential. Apparently, the developers of this software went a little further by creating a user with the most convenient conditions of use, although Kaspersky Anti-Virus for such restoration and has a graphical user interface, this program allows you to go much further.

In conclusion, I would like to note that this software package allows you to not only remove the existing threats in the system, but also get full access to the data that is stored on your hard drive, even complete inability to boot the operating system. It is clear that such a tool is one of the most versatile and popular among people who at least once faced with a complete system crash.


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