AVS Firewall - one of the most popular programs among firewalls. The product is designed Online Media Technologies. The application combines the excellent features firewall protection system registry and "Parental Control". To start working with the software package, you need to download AVS Firewall.

Installation and operation of the interface of this application do not cause difficulties and do not require additional computer skills, which resulted in the presence of AVS Firewall user reviews mainly positive.

The Main Tasks That Solves This Software Are:

- Protection of the client workstation from external threats - while establishing a connection to the Internet network, the program automatically switches to the active mode. Depending on the user's level of protection of computer implemented filtering applications that try to connect to a computer.

- Monitoring and protection Registry OS - every time you try to make changes to the structure, the content of the registry that do not match the defined rules of protection, the program blocks the implementation of this operation. The application notifies the user and asks for blocking algorithm further action. Thus, if the changes were initiated by the client, the program skips them.

- System protection "Anti-Banner" - this option allows you to block pop-ups and download banners when opening web pages, as well as downloading certain flash ads. A similar function can also be found in the AVG Antivirus Plus Firewall 2014. The user can edit the "black list" of Web pages, which are the consequence will not be downloaded, and they will not be viewed by the user to redirect pages.


- "Parental Control" - allows adults to open a list of available websites at work independently of the child on the Internet.

- Control the volume of traffic on the Internet - the program shall record the used traffic when using the Internet. Thus, the user can configure the removal of information about traffic spent, or warning of the approach of actually spent traffic to the specified number. This option is useful for users who work with limited traffic on the network.

It is worth to note that the user can set the display mode pop-up notifications. Programs using data messages can inform the user of network activity on the workstation (identification applications from outside the network who are trying to establish a connection with the client computer). At the same time, while working with other applications, pop-up messages may distract from the work. In this case, the user can disable the display data updates.

How To Download AVS Firewall For Windows

To Download AVS Firewall For Windows you just need to press on the download button given below and get started download.