AVZ is a very powerful free anti-virus package that combines its functionality quite a few features that are characteristic not only antivirus but antisymmetry modules, and even the operating system optimizers.

Key Features Of AVZ

For a start it is those basic modules that are part of the software product. This module AVZGuard, AVZPM, BootCleaner and several others. The first module is designed to track and correct removal of various types of malware that can not be removed built-in operating system. The second component is a means of monitoring the system processes a background service and loaded into the system drivers. The third module is the optimizer of the operating system, which allows you to remove unwanted files, dynamic libraries to produce a complete cleaning of the registry, to check and correct entry boot sectors, and more.

With regard to the basic principles of the program, they, like most programs of this kind, based on in-depth analysis of the heuristic. Moreover, the application is able to block rootkits, spyware and trojans, which operate without the use of signatures. By the way, some anti-virus programs can not detect and prevent the penetration of such threats, as it built on the signature scanning. In this case, the situation is somewhat different. In addition, this software package is constantly working tool for tracking connections type Winsock SPI / LSP based on an analysis of all the settings. No less important is the presence of function analysis and continuous monitoring of settings TCP / UDP, the external use of which may lead to penetration by malicious software. Also, the program prevents extraneous and unauthorized access, including blocking hacker attacks.

If we talk about restoring the settings, they are presented with quite diverse. First of all, it concerns the Internet Explorer settings and parameters to run programs and applications that could be damaged as a result of penetration of computer malware. And, of course, the app allows you to block and get rid of various keyloggers that can monitor all user activity on the keyboard, allowing learn passwords to web sites, web wallets, different maps, and so on. D.

In recent releases of this software, there were lots of cardinal fixes designed to improve how the work of the software product and increase the security of your computer from threats that every day there are more and more.


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