AxCrypt is a simple but very reliable utility designed to encrypt hard drives and logical partitions. The software itself is open source and is distributed for free. In principle, anyone can, so to speak, "fit" program AxCrypt for themselves.

Key Features Of AxCrypt

If we talk about the program AxCrypt, in general, it is not much different from most applications of this kind. As usual, the installation does not take a lot of time. At the end of the installation process, as in many cases, the basic commands are built into the program AxCrypt context menu in the Explorer family of operating systems Windows, which allows you to use them without actually calling application itself AxCrypt.

An interesting innovation in the function set was the opportunity to work not only with the encryption and decryption processes, but also the ability to compress data in the process of creating an encrypted disk or volume. With regard to the technologies used in disk encryption, there are two main algorithms. This - AES-128 and SHA-1. As for the AES, here everything is clear. In principle, virtually all of the utility of this type are used, this algorithm. But here is the SHA-1 is used is not always. This allows to encrypt the data so that they can not be deciphered by any application or other software.

At the end of the encryption process encrypted data obtained expansion .AXX, which automatically hides files and folders, if you use the default display mode (displaying hidden files and folders included). In other words, an outsider can not even imagine that on a disk or disk partition encrypted information available. Well, even if he will see these files, open them without using AxCrypt simply will not work.

An interesting fact can be called and what the program AxCrypt is quite a powerful addition to software products such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Yandex disk, etc. Its application allows you to store the encrypted data in the file storage without worrying about security measures.

Only, and perhaps the biggest drawback can only be called one thing. The fact is that when you install the run support advertising (Ad-supported) network OpenCandy. This is what leads to the fact that the same NOD32 Antivirus works falsely identifying potentially unwanted content, and identifies it as Win32 / OpenCandy. However, nothing wrong with that. When you install, you can simply refuse to accept the agreement on installing network support.


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