Beauty Guide Lite universal and very interesting application for all those involved in the selection of makeup and image of clients on a professional level. The program is not only photoeditor type Adobe Photoshop, but also to some extent on the intended use of the facial features change with concomitant application of any type of makeup. Incidentally, the application is absolutely correct and as supplement in the form of a plugin in the photo editor Adobe Photoshop.

Key Features Beauty Guide Lite

Certainly, many designers working in the field, faced with such a problem, in fact, like hairdressers, when it comes to the client or the client and asks him not only to explain the fingers, the future will look like the image, but also to show it in the appropriate computer processed version. It is clear that to explain would be long and tedious, even if the client is sitting in front of a mirror, he still sees himself as a network. But to offer the same customer simulated computer graphics and allow to look at ourselves in a new form, and set up the program.

The distinguishing feature of this software is in the main extent that it is oriented primarily to women. In addition, there are tools to change, say, the shape of the nose, thick lips or eye color, you can use pretty impressive arsenal of beauty. With skillful use of it allows to change the face of a woman almost beyond recognition. Among the features of the program are presented tools such as lipstick, powder, blush, change eye color, eye shadow, eyeliner, skin smoothing, accent, patching, teeth whitening, plastic and more.

You understand that after the application of such a unique visualization of the final result with regard to the requirements and desires of women, it is in any case will not give up, even though, from the application of the makeup. Do not forget that by combining all of the above means, in his work you get a huge number of variations from which to choose the most appropriate to the particular type of not only individuals but also the woman. It seems that it is no secret that even the character or emotional state of a woman or girl at some point it is possible to emphasize the use of these funds.

In conclusion, we note that the program does allow work wonders with any type of image. By and large, we can make the picture even with a normal web camera and then processed so professionally, after that you just will not be besieged by customers. Indeed, the capabilities of the program, though not boundless, however, to some extent surpass many photo editors due to its non-standard functional set. Washed In the end, everything will depend on the imagination of the designer, beautician or the whims of the client.


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