BitComet is a program to search and download all kinds of media files, games or just the software you want from various torrent trackers. Originally it was created for the network BitTorrent. But today significantly expanded its capacity, E up to full access to private peering networks.

Main Features Of BitComet

Among the programs of this kind (which today are quite a few), BitComet is perhaps one of the best, most stable and is one of the first places. And rightly so. Besides, it does not require registration and distributed free of charge.

bitcomet-windows-pc-45511651115651The application has a very simple and easy search. Without much effort, you can search for specific files by name or size. At the start of the injection of the torrent-file, the program automatically determines the LEDs and the feasts, the number of seeders and downloaders. By the way, the distribution and is not necessary. This program differs from many others like her.

One of the most distinctive features is the ability to view online videos or listening to music with the built-in player. Not a software product boasts of having the player for online videos and listening to music. In this case, you can use and the preview, as well as full information about a particular file (screenshots, description, actors and performers, size, bitrate, codecs, and so on. D.).

Also the program can create directories of files, combining them into categories. In order to sort of "conspiracy" in the appendix provides automatic blocking of the data exchange with the anti-piracy networks. For those who are versed in the settings, there is a possibility of expanded access. You can set various speed of downloading or her limit, prioritize uploaded files or upload files to forcibly.

bitcomet-windows-pc-6516151516516And that's not all the features of the program. The latest version of the program provides for the integration of popular social networks. Now you can completely free and easy to share files between different users and computers, say, in the networks Facebook, Twitter and so on. D. And that integration into social networks in general makes the program very attractive to younger audiences among which social network recently recruited a hitherto unprecedented popularity.