BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2015 - one of the most reliable integrated antivirus, rightfully occupy a leading position among the means of protection against the virus activity. Developed by BitDefender SRL. It allows you to optimally protect your PC from malware, online threats and unwanted websites. To verify this, you can download BitDefender 2015 at the link below.

One of the major advantages of the program is invisible and "quiet" protection. BitDefender makes all decisions related to security for you. It does not require the user to any effort to update and configure, no annoying pop-ups. The program ensures optimal protection without interruptions and slowdowns of your computer work.

BitDefender protects against all cyber threats, providing protection from spyware even links to social networks. It also analyzes and blocks fraudulent and phishing websites and prevents leakage from the computer privacy. About suspicious and hazardous sites prevent another user in the search results and links sent by other users on Twitter and Facebook, carefully filtered. The program features an innovative technology - Bitdefender Safepay, create the most secure virtual environment browser. In addition to these common threats like phishing, user protected from interception and eavesdropping keystroke network interfaces.

Powerful scanning mechanism of the program check and treat the files that are infected in a mode on access, minimizing the chance of data loss. BitDefender is actively monitoring all running programs as an effective antivirus Avast. To protect against viruses transmitted via removable media, a mechanism USB Immunizer, which scans the connected devices and locks them in case of virus detection. In addition, a unique defense mechanism Anti-Theft restricts access to information on the stolen laptop and allows you to locate him.

The advantage of the program is reliable parental control, blocking sites with objectionable content, remotely monitors the activity of children on the Internet and restricting internet access at specified time intervals. In addition, all the information about your computer's security is available on the desktop thanks to a special widget. State protection components and license data available in the personalized panel. It is worth noting that the Internet connection and Wi-Fi connection is monitored and protected by a two-way firewall.

Thus, the program provides multi-layered protection against both viruses and online threat due to cloud antivirus technology, an active monitoring program, antispam, firewall and bilateral vulnerability scanner. Without buying a license key BitDefender 2015, you can download a trial version and familiarize yourself with the antivirus.

Get the free trail version of BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2015 For PC from its official website by clicking the link below, for download you just have to fill an simple form and press continue button that's it.

bitdefender-antivirus-plus-2015-for-windows-pc-6544151654165Download BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2015