Bluefish is one of the most powerful text editors, the main features of which are more oriented towards programmers and web designers. The program itself is free, but you can download it anywhere. I must say that it is multi-functional bag with almost unlimited possibilities. Conventional notebook in which you can also use the syntax of different programming languages, application Bluefish can not create competition.

Key Features Bluefish

With regard to the functional set of software called Bluefish, then it is very broad. Among the completely standard functions is to provide syntax highlighting, powerful search and replace, which allows the use of regular expressions, spell checking HTML-pages and much more.

But here's what's interesting. The program Bluefish possible to use the so-called emerging blocks of code, markup, HTML-tags addition to their automatic completion and closing, as well as special illumination start and end tag for each block of code. In this case, a software package Bluefish can closely integrate with a variety of external programs. Besides, you can always use the recursive file opening.

If we talk about the interface, you can not just call it. Normal user, barely familiar with the basics of web programming, have spend a while to realize what was happening. However, here we have a system of tabs, each of which produces a particular action or the required information is displayed. It goes without saying that the program Bluefish supports many languages and has an extensive background material. This is what we are not talking about programming languages. By and large, you can use any of them. For ease of use the basic commands and functions in the application Bluefish provides customizable toolbar, which you can make the most frequently used commands and functions for quick access. And here's another thing that pleases, in the very mechanism of the program Bluefish provides unlimited effects cancel an operation or return.

In general, the program Bluefish is very interesting and powerful. It is designed not only for professionals but also for users who want to learn the basics of web design and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in this area. And for the experiments here there is a very wide field of activity.


Download Bluefish Editor