BullGuard Internet Security 2014  - a comprehensive program to protect your PC from viruses and malicious applications developed team BullGuard. The main elements of this software are antivirus, firewall and backup storage media. To evaluate the capacity and quality of the application, you need to download BullGuard Internet Security 2014.

To install and configure the application must be no more than 5 minutes. Convenient location options and an updated interface design make working in the annex comfortable and interesting.

Enhanced virus protection system includes behavioral and signature-based virus definition on the workstation. With the known viral signatures monitored applications and files, and using behavioral monitoring defined "new" species and varieties of viruses on your computer, depending on the processes initiated by them in the system. Thus, the application provides a multi-layered defense OS you "pass" the malicious file is almost impossible.


Built-in firewall complex, provides the user to save personal information from unauthorized external connections. At the same time, while browsing the web application security checks beforehand web content before downloading. With the protection of active connections you can be confident in the safety information on the cash account when making purchases in online stores and settlement transactions through online banking. Thanks to the anti-spam module on e-mail does not load spam messages advertising.

The Parental Control feature allows you to set the "white" list of sites available to visit the child, the subject allowed to view the information. Web pages that do not meet the criteria will be blocked. Also, adults can control the timing of general child's stay in the network, after prelimita time automatically block access to the network. Thus, parents can ensure the safety of children online.

With modules PC Tune BullGuard application scans the application to search for rarely used programs and prompts the user to remove unneeded applications that improves system performance. At the same time, the application notifies the user of the program you want to upgrade that will increase the level of protection workstation

It is worth noting that using the option "game mode", during the game application system blocks pop-up notification. To start working with the application you need only download BullGuard Internet Security.