Cain and Abel is a cryptographic program designed for network administrators to test network passwords. Although the application Cain and Abel, and aims to use it in this perspective, however, in the program there is sufficient additional resources and capabilities that put her in the category of prohibited programs even modernity.

The Main Features Of Cain and Abel

Initially, the program Cain and Abel meant only recovery passwords that were lost by the user. But at this stage of the program Cain and Abel was such a situation that it can help to not only recover lost passwords, but new hack. Appendix Cain and Abel is so universal algorithm uses keyword selection that sometimes get scared. Know the user of such a program, it will be possible to view any correspondence in the most popular social networks.

But, without being distracted from the topic, I want to say that the program supports multiple protocols, including FTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, mySQL, ICQ and Telnet, and uploaded server profiles SQL. And that's what makes the use of this type of server unsafe. In other words, the application Cain and Abel is, in fact, a hacker program that allows what is called a 'hack' personal data and get unlimited access to the profile of a user on the Internet. Of course, in terms of recovering passwords in a network environment, the program Cain and Abel is one of the most powerful tools. However, it can be used at your own risk.

If we take into account that the application of Cain and Abel even allows to control a remote desktop session, it generally suggests the feasibility of using such software. Naturally, to test network security application is suitable, as well as possible, but the question of legality raises some doubts. However, this did not stop, and people continue to use the software under the name of Cain and Abel. And I must say, not without success. After Cain and Abel program is designed for this purpose and to make adjustments to the computer world, which is not always cope with the conservation and restoration of passwords of any complexity. Apparently, the use of applications such as Cain and Abel leaves no chance any user not be recognized in the World Wide Web.


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