Chatterbox - one of the most unique programs designed for audio playback works of the contents of any text files. Any text contained in the format, including Doc, you can listen using any application on your clothing synthesizer.

Key Features Chatterbox

The main features include standard features of any media player. These include functions to open files, play, stop, etc. No less interesting is the fact that the text format of the program allows you to change in terms of fonts, and even control the very process of reading from the system tray notification area. And, what is most unusual, this software allows you to read out loud, even the contents of the clipboard. In other words, if you copied some text fragment using standard keyboard shortcuts or commands like "Copy", when you insert the software automatically plays all the inserted fragment.

This program features are not limited. One of the most remarkable features is voice keystrokes using a spell checker. In addition, the application has a built-in ability to remove hyphens at the end of the line, if present. Any text file can be exported even audio. In this case, the supported formats WAV and MP3. No less important is the fact that the application is completely free and properly be combined with various packages of voice features of Microsoft Speesh API, which allows for eventually even change the tone and volume of speech. To do this, you only need to install the voice engine for preferred language.

In general, the program makes a pretty good impression Inasmuch, is a unique tool for reading, which initially focused on mobile gadgets and knightliness. At the moment, it is difficult to find a program that combines so many features and capabilities, as well as allows you to play almost human voice even text data contained in the clipboard, or, more simply, the computer's memory.

To work correctly, the program requires a download not only the main distribution, but also choose an additional language pack. To download available languages ​​as Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. If you are trying to find additional language packs, you will need to use a commercial speech synthesizer that, in general, is a paid product, however, if you start using the standard version is, I think, there is nothing you can not hurt.

Chatterbox Download For Windows PC