ChordPulse Lite - software for beginners musicians who, say, have no musical education or not so versed in music as professionals. By the principle of operation, the program ChordPulse Lite is similar to the operation of some musical keyboards, which has built-in automatic accompaniment. Although the possibility of it not as wide as it is expressed in its iron counterparts.

Key Features Of ChordPulse Lite

The software itself ChordPulse Lite, as it is already clear, is free (lite) version of the plug ChordPulse. Naturally, some features are paid no advanced version, however, the basic approach is to create music on the computer and features preserved. The only thing worth noting is the presence of only five major chord, which the user can expect when you create your own music. Of course, this is not enough. Nevertheless, we should not forget the possibility of their combination with each other, and here is becoming more options.

If we talk about the process of working with the application ChordPulse Lite, everything is simple. In the program ChordPulse Lite has 30 musical styles. By choosing one of them, and the user receives a complete arrangement. For example, if you select a rock or disco, respectively, and the accompaniment will contain all the elements that are characteristic for this style. This will, for example, drums, keyboards, guitars, etc., that sound exactly and use exactly those techniques that, for the most part, and characterize a particular style. Of course, a professional musician ChordPulse Lite application is of no interest, as is too simple and limited without the appropriate field for imagination. Standard styles, as it is clear, is not impressive, and you can not edit them. But, on the Internet you can find many more styles and load them into the program ChordPulse Lite.


For beginners or children software ChordPulse Lite is an ideal tool for the development of music or composer abilities, as well as for fast recording backing tracks (tracks without vocals). Let's say your child like the composition of a performer. He wants her to sing at home with full accompaniment and microphone. Nothing could be easier. Choose the style specified by the chord sequence and enable playback. Naturally, the original is not fit to be in any degree, however, sing or feel the process of the song can be semi.

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