Clipjump is a tool that works in the background in Windows and helps you manage the items copied to your Ctrl + C.

By default, you can save up to 20 copied items, whether text, links, files, etc. However, you can customize this in the app settings and leave an infinite amount.

To use Clipjump, you just need to keep it running on your computer. Download the corresponding package to your system (x86 or x64) and double-click the "Clipjump __. Exe". The software does not require installation, and will be running in the background all the time. If it does not start with the system whenever you restart the machine, go to the boot sequence of Windows with Ctrl + Alt + Del and add it.

Copying and Pasting

Unlike other clipboard managers for Windows, Clipjump does not require the use of new keyboard shortcuts. You copy it with Ctrl + C and normally, necklace time press Ctrl + V. At this point, do not release the Ctrl and scroll by pressing the V to go alternating between items that can be pasted.

A small little window will appear next to the cursor with a preview of what will be stuck there and if you want that content, release the Ctrl and ready. No hassle, no configuration without any need for learning.


Review Of Clipjump

Clipjump is certainly one of clipboard managers for Windows more practical we've tested. This is a very simple and compact software that just works. You barely notice his presence on the computer and not have to learn new keyboard shortcuts to operate it.

You use the shortcuts already standardized by Windows, and just to hold the Ctrl longer and go pressing the V to switch between the copied elements. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but actually, it is very natural.

This, however, will make little difference in everyday use, since the app interface will appear very little for you. Thus, we can say that much worth doing a test with Clipjump, since it is versatile, practical and works with all sorts of item pasted on the clipboard, including files, URLs and text.

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