Clownfish , is believed to be is one of the best plugins for the well-known Skype on the work plan online translator. According to the developers application Clownfish, it implements the syntax of many languages, however, it is at least clear is the degree of mistrust.

Key Features Clownfish

In fact, the program itself is designed to be Clownfish to automatically translate messages written on Skype, easy to understand language other interlocutors, for example, let's say, if he does not speak in Russian. To do this, it suffices to apply the appropriate settings in terms of the installation of translation from one language to another.

However, it is necessary to take into account some aspects related to slang. The fact that the slang phrases of Russian or Ukrainian language is not always, or rather, almost never, do not coincide with the same idiomatic phrases, say pure English. But what to say, even the sayings that have the same meaning in the translation differ among themselves.

However, not all that bad. As it turns out, the most primitive phrases Clownfish program capable of translating very well. Now we are not talking about hard-composed or difficult-subordinate clauses. No. The whole role is only to the normal communication at the level of "Hello-Hello".

An interesting thing can be called a built-in Text-to-speech, when the application Clownfish converts written text to speech of a language. This, of course, is not new, but looks at least, much more solid than the usual translator. However, a speech synthesizer is poor. Voice translation in Annex Clownfish is more like a kind of robot to finish unfinished creature. Here, as they say, the absolute negative.

But, in general, for those who do not know foreign languages, software Clownfish can become quite serious help in terms of communication with friends or acquaintances from other countries. It is clear that a universal language is English is the bridge between users of different continents.

But, referring to the program Clownfish with common sense, do not forget about the features of any language, even in terms of its original development and emergence. There will sometimes be faced with the fact that even literally translated, it will not match the sense that you are putting into it. So, be careful, because it can lead to a huge number of obscure, not to say no uncertain terms.


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