Comodo Disk Encryption - one of the programs, which is none other than as a professional cryptographer data stored on the hard disk of a computer or laptop using a three-level security system. Though, this application and do not belong to the category of professional products, however, allows multiple combinations in the process of encryption to prevent unauthorized access to personal or confidential data and, especially, their theft.

The Main Features Of Comodo Disk Encryption

First of all, it is worth noting that, like many software products developed for use in the field, this application uses 128-bit encryption algorithm based on AES. This avoids access to your information, because such a key is used, which in the modern development of computer technology to crack under the force is not very many. The principle of a three-level protection of the software, in principle, quite, quite simple. It does not imply a consistent pass from level to level, but it makes it possible to use a combination. In this case we are dealing with three options to help protect the information stored on the hard disk of a computer or laptop.

The first option can only be used to provide access password, which you will come up with themselves, or else generate the program itself. In the second case, you can use any removable USB-drive, that is, an ordinary flash drive or a removable memory card, which is used on mobile devices as the primary access key. In the third case, we are dealing with sharing and password to access the key as a removable USB-devices.

If we talk about the actual levels of security and encryption, it appears the following situation. The first option is good for home use; the second option is more suitable for small offices and corporate networks, and the third option is practically a professional solution for data protection. Yet a third option, to some extent, may be even some threat with respect to access, since the two components are used, and in case of lost key as a password conventional flash will not fire. And vice versa. Oh, there just have to be very careful.

By and large, the solution of this type of data protection, apparently, is the most versatile. If you have ever watched the American Adventure, which is supposed to multiple keys for accessing encrypted data, then you will easily understand that there is a third option is shown as first inserted the key, and then enter your password. And it seems that in this respect to this program product simply has no equal.


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