Comodo Dragon - one of the most versatile and fastest browsers developed by Comodo Group, based on Chromium. The program has all the necessary functionality and advanced features that increase privacy and security. Usability, reliability and safety of the browser makes it ideal for everyday work.

The basic feature set similar to the set of other modern browsers, for example, Apple Safari . But at the same time, Comodo Dragon provides much higher security. Browser independently verify sites and directs the user, protecting against intruders. If there is a suspicion of a threat, you are prompted about blocking. Checks the cookies, tracking spyware and malware sites at the stage of installation. Playing off the set of unsafe tools and elements, uses a proprietary free DNS service - Comodo Secure DNS, filters all Internet traffic flowing. If you want to forget about safety issues at work in the Internet, it is worth Comodo Dragon for free.

The browser is fast enough, because the engine is based on Chromium. It uses technology WebGl, which allows processing in the browser 3D-images using hardware acceleration. The program has Incognito Mode - anonymous surfing, at which the blocking element cookies.

The undoubted advantage of Comodo Dragon is a moderate use of memory resources. It is also worth noting an interesting solution developers in the event of malfunction: if "hangs" one tab of the program, you can easily switch to the other and wait until it is released.

The advantages of the program include support for a huge number of themes and skins, additional plug-ins and extensions. The user has the ability to easily import settings from other browsers in Comodo Dragon.

comodo-dragon-internet-web-browser-download-for-pcUseful service is the automatic translation of pages offer if they are not in the language of the user. In the setting of the option can be turned off, and while maintaining the ability to run the interpreter from the context menu.

Browser provides another wonderful and unique opportunity - it can be copied to a USB flash drive, carry, and run with it. Required only when installing tick «Portable version». Moreover, does deeply integrated with the search engine and hence at a high level the search function in it. When entering the name of the resource, Comodo Dragon tells which site you want. He is able to satisfy even the most suspicious users with a minimum set of extensions, or even without them, and is considered one of the most secure web browsers.

Comodo Dragon Internet Web Browser Download For PC from its official website by clicking the link given below.

Download Comodo Dragon Internet Web Browser