Comodo Memory Firewall - free antivirus and anti-hacking tool orientation, which was designed to prevent the most dangerous attacks from the Internet, which are sent to the clipboard with a view to overflow. It is in such a situation, the system remains completely unprotected and allows to get into it from the outside.

The Main Features Of Comodo Memory Firewall

First, a little description of the process of attacks. The fact that in this situation the attacker by using the Internet connection can send to a target host clipboard large amounts of information with such size that the buffer is not known to be able to handle. That is why, the system and turns after such an attack completely devoid of any protection. In this case, access to the computer becomes open to anyone. And with such intruders may, for example, to steal sensitive or confidential data, just as they say, dig in the information available on your hard drive, set your own hidden application, say keyloggers and even, if desired, completely reformat the hard drive.

This program also allows you to protect your computer from such attacks. In this case study is based on the principle of tracking any type of malware or amounts of information that can be sent to the STACK memory or HEAP memory, as well as the attacks on the sequences of SHE.

The assurances developers active program product, though not provide complete protection, however, can prevent about 95% of any such attack. The most interesting is that the application is equally suitable and system administrators and ordinary users who want to protect your computer terminal or even a local area network from such attacks.

Regarding the use of the program, everything is simple. The interface is minimalist settings and intuitive. Thus, in most cases it is not even necessary that a rebuild as default settings are most suitable. The only thing that may have to do (if needed), is to set exceptions. However, in this case no special skills are not necessary.

In general, the program will make a very good impression, because, without expenditure of energy allows configuring and using the automatic mode, to prevent attacks from the outside and protect sensitive information from theft and even computers from installing malicious software, and, in the worst case, by formatting the hard disc, which naturally can lead to full paint system and data loss.


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