Firefox is one of the browsers with more freedom to be configured and customized, but doing so is not always simple. The ConfigFox is an application that promises to help it.

It transforms the hidden options Firefox configuration in a much more accessible list for those who do not know much of how the advanced settings of this browser works.

Instead of lines shown in technical language, this app shows an option and says exactly what she does. You select one item and can choose to enable it, disable it or change its value. It is hardly 100% yet intuitive, but it's a big improvement over the configuration list that is displayed in the browser.

How To install

To start using ConfigFox, you need to open the file ConfigFox.exe, coming within the compressed package. He then shows an error message and automatically opens a Firefox internal folder in Explorer. Now comes the trick: In this folder you open, look for the file user.js and move it to anywhere else in the computer (preferably a location that you remember later, if any).

After doing this, close the ConfigFox and open again. Ready! It then displays a list of all configuration options, which are separated by type. To adjust this, simply click the option you want and modify their status or value at the bottom.

ConfigFox Download For Windows XP, 7, 8

Review Of ConfigFox

The ConfigFox is a small utility that makes it simple to configure Firefox advanced settings. This actually happens, but do not go expecting something 100% intuitive: we still need to know what you're doing, but it makes the search for the item to be changed much simpler.

Something interesting about this application is that it takes the Firefox advanced settings, which are just a list of commands without any explanation, and turns on items with text that say exactly what they mean. Thus, no need to guess anything: you know exactly in what is stirring.

The installation of it, however, is not very intuitive. This already indicates that, even if an app in order to facilitate access to Firefox's advanced settings, it is not simple or exactly friendly to anyone. It is much more to be comfortable for everyday use than actually facilitate understanding of what is happening.

This does not mean that it is bad, however, if you normally use very advanced browser settings, this is a way to make it far less laborious.


Facilitates Firefox settings
Easy to move

ConfigFox Download