CoolNovo is a one of the new web browser, built on the basis of developments under the name Chromium. This software solution is almost exactly the same as all the main features of the well-known application Google Chrome, however, has more advanced functionality and a few non-standard management. In addition, the main core of the program is optimized to work on a lot of nuclear systems.

Key Features Of CoolNovo

First of all, note that this software has a lot of improvements that ordinary users can seem a bit far-fetched. However, if you look at all the improvements, it is possible with a high degree of certainty that this browser is one of the most comfortable in the area of ​​Internet surfing.

One of the most interesting solutions is the integration in the environment of the nucleus of the program Internet Explorer. Notice on the Internet there are quite a large number of sites and resources that are opened only with IE. For example, it may be a different kind of online banks. The new browser allows for launch in compatibility mode with IE, which no one in this type of program. What is most interesting, it can be a start, as the entire application, and separate tabs. This function is called IE Tab.

No less interesting is the possibility of non-standard and program management using mouse gestures that can be configured as desired. For example, holding down the right mouse button, you can drag it around the screen and release the button. So you can be milked fast page turning or transition between tabs. Generally, such gestures are a lot of settings and lets you save time while surfing the World Wide Web.

Interesting structure and has built-in search engine. Say, if you drag a tab to a blank text in a new tab you will see search results on all resources that use such a text. If you drag the image, the search engine will open all options in a new window. Naturally, there is provided an automatic translation and web content when you open the site in a language that is different from the default.


Among other things, the same way as in Google Chrome, you can use all the features offered by the sidebar.

If we talk about supporting the load, in this program, you can use the built-in (embedded CoolNovo own loader or loader, borrowed from Google Chrome) or set it to boot using third party software.

In conclusion we can say that this software is really unusual and somewhat completely new solution in the field of Internet technologies. It seems that many users such program will be enjoyed.