CuneiForm - program, which is a kind of optimized system of recognition of texts in different formats. In some ways, it is an analogue of many applications used for scanning paper documents or working with graphic files containing text. However, differences in the good sense, lacking.

Key Features CuneiForm

The main purpose of the program, as mentioned above, and text fragments that may be contained in the image files. Most interesting is that the application can recognize text from any type of printed products, typewritten documents, graphics, printed documents with dot matrix printers, photocopies and so bad. D., Except, of course, curly handwriting fonts.

With this recognition uses a unique algorithm incorporated into the program. Moreover, it has a built-in text editor which allows you to work with the recognized text without the involvement of external programs and additional funds. Among other things, deserves special attention and work with tabular data. The application recognizes any table format, the hierarchy structure or building and data lists. Moreover, the output of the whole structure and topology tables completely preserved. If the document has a built-in graphics, it can be included as an image in the target document.

Another undoubted advantage is the availability of modules and automatic, semi-automatic or manual fragmentation of texts whether any other data type. In this case, the application has an interesting display mode of the original document and the final result obtained after the scan is complete. In the batch mode is used during scanning and recognition.

In general, I must say that the tool is quite easy to work with, and use, even for inexperienced users, as it has quite a simple, intuitive interface and many additional tips on the use of a particular function or button. And the list of supported languages ​​is quite impressive. So the program can easily identify more than 20 of the most common languages, including even some elements of mixed constructs sentences and phrases. The simplest example which are English words or terms. Language switching recognition to engage in is not necessary, since the program automates the process vesm to the smallest detail.

In conclusion, we say that this software is really quite convenient and versatile, besides, one of the most competitive on the market capable of software packages for text recognition. Moreover, the program is absolutely free, which is not true, for example, about the same ABBYY Fine Reader.


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