Cyotek CopyTools is a complete tool for backup. With it, you can create profiles to copy folders and files to any time interval.

For example, you want to backup a folder every day when the PC is turned on, but need the backup of another folder at noon every Monday. Simply create two profiles and configure it.

That way, you make copies just like best for your work routine or PC usage. You can start backups manually or also delete a profile if it is no longer needed. You can choose to copy all files or just always mirror folders - that is, keep all the updates and delete obsolete files.

To create a new profile, click the "New Profile" button and follow the instructions (which are in English only), including choosing a folder to copy and the location where you want to save the backup. You can make any kind of routine to choose the intervals as indicated for him to do all copy Tuesday when you turn on the PC or just once a month, at lunch time.


Review Of Cyotek CopyTools

The  Cyotek CopyTools is a very complete and interesting tool that allows a backup routine of their direct and personalized files. With it, you can make a copy of each folder on your computer as you like, with a range that can vary according to the directory contents.

For example, if you update documents from one location every day, you can create a profile with this frequency and another profile for items that are updated semalmente. This is the great advantage of  Cyotek CopyTools: he respects your workflow and allows you to customize every detail of the experience. Best of all is that this app is free, and it accepts donations.

Start using  Cyotek CopyTools can be challenging, however, since it does not have a tutorial and is not exactly intuitive. This ends as soon as you create the first profile, since the rest of the options are just advanced and non - mandatory settings, so you can only use the same schedule.

Worth it?
The  Cyotek CopyTools is a simple tool, at first glance, but it shows powerful and very interesting and can be used to save any folder on your computer to an external hard drive or even on another partition as a way to protect your data. This app is easy to set up and noteworthy, and very worth doing a test and check its advantages.


Backup Tool
Allows custom routines
It has number of profiles limit
Easy to set up


Only in English
Could have a tutorial at the beginning

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