Daemon Tools is an easy version of one of the most powerful and versatile software, since it has many features that are not available to other applications, and is designed to simulate various types of virtual drives. In other words, to create a virtual disk image, you do not need every time you use a particular application to insert the original CD or DVD. This is especially concerns the licensed software and many games because the hard disk is installed a minimum part of the programs and other files necessary for the correct operation of the programs or games that are on the original disk.

Main Features Of Daemon Tools Lite

First of all, it is worth noting that the program is able to create up to 4 virtual drives that any operating system will recognize as true. The same applies to the various system utilities.

With these virtual drive program can detect any disk images, such as CUE / BIN, ISO, CCD, BWT, MDS, CDI, NRG, PDI, B5T, light version only limitation concerns the lack of opportunities to emulate such popular drives like PlayStation, X -BOX, GameCube, since usually leads, whether CD-R (W), DVD-R (W) or Blu-ray, such disks with games simply do not read. The operating system has no support for these formats, and the presence of a disc in the unit does not define.

However, when reading the disk image is not always maintained its recognition if the image was recorded using software from different manufacturers of tools of this nature. We must pay tribute, Daemon Tools Lite in this respect has no flaws. The program determines the images recorded with BlindWrite, CloneCD, Nero, Alcohol 120%, FantomCD, DiscDump Disc Juggler or without the need to install additional utilities (which, incidentally, is not always free). Still, an interesting feature is the ability to add on a virtual drive audio-CD or DVD-ROM, previously recorded on the hard drive as if you inserted a disc into the usually leads. And that's not all.

daemon-tools-lite-download-pc-windows-and-mac-4465122321326512032Many discs to avoid piracy contain very complex defense. Daemon Tools Lite and then copes with this problem, allowing you to simply bypass it. The software easily, "jumps" modern methods of protection such as SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom and Laserlock, CDCOPS, StarForce i Protect CD! From the point of view of copyright protection is, of course, illegal, however, has its own facilities for fans of, say, games or to copy the license discs with movies or software.

I must say that the developers did their best. Hardly there is a more powerful and advanced program supports a huge number of interfaces, images and tools by which these images were created. Of course, the program does not belong to the category of free, however, many users are willing to spend the necessary amount for the purchase of this product. But in the end, they receive virtually unlimited opportunities when working with different types of drives and virtual drives.