Dexpot - quite an interesting and somewhat unusual utility that is designed ,. First of all, it is for those users who do not have enough space on your desktop, due to congestion of various types of icons. Also, it may be useful to all those who use multiple desktops with different settings.

Key Features Dexpot

Generally, the program is structured in an interesting way. Its main advantage is that it allows to produce twenty independent desktops, each of which may have its own settings. For example, these desktops can be different screen resolution, wallpaper, color scheme or theme design, icons for programs, files and folders, and so on. D. What is most interesting settings for each table regardless of the other desktops. That is, going to a particular desktop, you immediately have those settings that were set when creating it.

Furthermore, switching between virtual desktops performed using combinations of "hot" keys. In this case, the user can select a combination to be used for switching. Moreover, although program works with a background mode, the load on the system resources is not felt.

The application interface is, in fact, as the process of creating virtual desktops is quite simple. So, this user will be able to understand all skill levels. Well, after already include your imagination and decorate the newly created desktops on your own. By the way, very interesting feature of this software is the fact that all the active desktop programs running in them are fully operational and ready to make the basic actions by type copying, pasting, and so on.. In this case, the main program and is a kind of bridge between the virtual desktops.

Finally it remains to add that this software is absolutely free and has no limitations in terms of action and use. In addition, the installation distribution, ridiculously small.

I must say that the program is truly unique in its kind and provides the user with a fairly wide opportunities to create and use two dozen virtual desktops. But the main advantage is that all tables are independent from each other in terms of configuration. Nevertheless, the connection between the program and the currently used application stores, which is an important aspect. In general, if we talk about the application as a whole, it is made very thoughtfully. As they say, nothing more.


Download Dexpot For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8