DFX Audio Enhancer - pretty interesting FX-plugin that allows you to maximize the sound of any audio track with a mass of standard and custom settings. If the program name to translate literally, it is an audio signal expander. Moreover, this applies not only to increase the scope of the stereo base, but also three-dimensional sound.

Key Features Of DFX Audio Enhancer

Software products such as this, to date, there is quite a lot. However, its main difference from all others is the most simplified management, configuration and use. The fact that all necessary settings are shown in the form of one menu and faders that are on the main panel. Needless to say, each mode can be disabled.

So, what do we have? First of all, the interface immediately struck fast tuning of the sound. Not to mention the manual settings, you can use the factory presets to choose one or the other pattern. Incidentally, there is used a 10-band spectral analyzer input. As for the manual settings, then everything is easy as never before. You can use the settings to, say, the environment and brings the likeness of a concert hall, bass boost, creating a three-dimensional model of the premises, etc. Furthermore, in the circuit presets has several modes which allow rapid switching between them. Especially for those users who prefer to listen to music with headphones, there is a special mode. With all this, you can even work with a change of dynamic characteristics of the audio file. This is reminiscent of the professional plug-ins, which are quite common in many virtual studio audio processing such as Sound Forge or Adobe Audition.

What is most interesting, the program is not stationary, but is connected to the software players such as WinAmp or AIMP as appropriate DSP-palgina. Actually, in the audio program is a supplement can be used without any problems, thanks to the support connection via DirectX.

dfx-audio-enhancer-download-pc-windows-and-mac-544112561313212To sum up some results, then it is safe to say that this plugin is one of the easiest to use. However, despite its apparent simplicity, the program is able to very much. Without taking into account the standard settings, each user can create a custom template that change the track just beyond recognition. Naturally, such a custom template can be saved for later download and further use. Plus, absolutely free distribution and the absence of restrictions on the conditions or terms of use.