dirLock is a small free program that allows you to block access to certain folders with files stored on your hard drive or any portable storage device. Naturally, a password is used. But at the same time you can apply folder lock and encryption of data stored in it.

Key Features Of dirLock

DirLock program is quite simple to use and does not cause difficulties even for untrained users. The only thing that it is worth mentioning is that the application dirLock designed to operate for NTFS. For systems FAT32 such a development is not necessary.

A first advantage consists dirLock program that a user may separate folders block, while avoiding blocking the entire section or even a whole computer. After installation, the application registers dirLock own commands and embedded in the context menu of Windows Explorer Windows. To create a lock (password protection) just move your mouse over the folder, click on the right button, then simply select the program command Lock / Unlock. As probably already clear, lock is a lock, unlock - unlock. But the interesting thing is not even that. The fact is that to unlock a specific folder there is absolutely no need to call window. Just use normal password input window. It goes without saying that it saves time.

Naturally, one lock in the form of a password program features dirLock not limited. At any point in the correct folder, you can hide or encrypt. Of course, hide or encrypt data can and by using standard Windows Explorer by clicking on the image folder, right-click and select the context menu "Properties", then placing a check mark in the appropriate fields. However, in the case of a software product dirLock, the algorithm hiding and encryption somewhat different.

Of course, it is not necessary to say that the application dirLock is a professional solution to protect access to certain folders on a specific computer terminal. Nevertheless, as one of the most simple and convenient solution for beginners and intermediate computer user program fit perfectly. And that is what distinguishes the program dirLock among other applications of this type. In addition the program dirLock distributed free of charge and has no restrictions on the installation and use of the time frame.


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