Disk2vhd - a program designed to quickly and easily create virtual disks from hard drives or partitions. Not exclude the possibility and create a virtual disk from certain folders and files. The program itself Disk2vhd quite easy to use, and distributive takes only a 1 MB.

Key Features Disk2vhd

First of all, it is worth noting that the program Disk2vhd is absolutely free and has no restrictions on time or place of installation and use. With regard to the application interface Disk2vhd, then there is one small drawback - the program Disk2vhd English language. However, even with minimal knowledge of the language school, or not knowing it at all, the program will not understand so difficult.

And So. The main goal of the program is to create a virtual disk in the video format VHD. Most interesting is that with the newly created virtual VHD-drives can be quite easy to work in the same way as with a conventional HDD-HDD. The very process of transformation takes a minimum of time. But after creating the best option is to use programs such as Hyper-V or Virtual PC, which allow you to work with this type of data.

Despite its small size, the program works correctly enough in the operating systems Windows. However, the system requirements are such that for normal operation must be complied with certain conditions. First of all, it concerns itself operating systems. To work need only server versions of Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 and above. In this formulation of the question, you know, you can use the program Disk2vhd everywhere, especially as the OS versions lower than Windows XP, no one does not use a long time.

disk2vhd-download-windows-xp-vista-7-8With regard to the process of creating a virtual disk, it is quite simple. Enough to run the program, select the drive, from which the image will be created, as well as specify the location of the VHD-file that, in fact, will be responsible for the content of the new partition. Then simply press the button Create. A little bit of patience, and the result, as they say, on the face.

In general, for those who do not want to waste time and energy on creating virtual disks or partitions, the program Disk2vhd seem very simple and convenient. Not surprisingly, there are few options, and the process of creating a virtual disk is fully automated. One can only specify two parameters and get started.

Download Disk2vhd For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8