DiskCryptor is a full-featured open source software, designed to work with encrypted disks, disk partitions, removable USB-drives and even drive type CD / DVD. At the same time, the program has a lot of opportunities DiskCryptor in the use of encryption technologies and combinations of their combinations. As is clear, the software DiskCryptor distributed free of charge under the GNU GPL and has no time limits and places of use.

Key Features Of DiskCryptor

The very first thing you should pay attention to when meeting with the program DiskCryptor, this is exactly the methods that are used for encryption. The basic version includes three algorithms. This - AES, Twofish and Serpent. Sometimes, it may be used a combination consisting of two or three options.

The program itself DiskCryptor fairly easy to use, because all the basic commands are embedded even in the context menu. At the same time, apply the so-called transparent encryption, supports dynamic disks, as well as volumes with large sector size, which is very important for hardware RAID.

Equally important is the high speed, which is compatible with non-encrypted volumes. For example, there is a complete hardware support in the form of AES-NI instructions for Intel processors and PadLock VIA. In addition, the program DiskCryptor fully compatible with third-party boot loaders and even allows you to encrypt partitions and boot sectors with pre-boot authentication. Moreover, the application allows you to create DiskCryptor loader on external medium and to authenticate key file or to the carrier.

Interesting features of the software can be called DiskCryptor and the ability to encrypt disk media type CD / DVD and USB-drives. For example, you can create a encrypted disk or encrypt a normal flash drive to restrict access to confidential information. In addition, while you can use the automatic mounting section which has a program DiskCryptor.

In general, the program DiskCryptor produces a very interesting experience. On the one hand, it seems to be a common tool to encrypt the contents of the other - quite friendly, indispensable package if you want to encrypt the information so that it to no one but you is not got. The fact that the majority of well-known programs are using the algorithm AES, but a combination of several algorithms is an absolute novelty. In addition, thanks to the open source code, no one bothers you by adding the required functions.


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