DisplayFusion - an excellent program designed to automatically change and the search for a wallpaper for desktop operating systems family of Windows. We must pay tribute to the program in many ways superior to standard Windows and allows very fine-tuning when placing the wallpaper on your desktop with reference to the capabilities of the monitor.

Key Features DisplayFusion

Initially, this software is designed for multi-monitor systems, however, has been successfully used on computers and laptops with a single monitor. In itself, the application is available in two versions - Home (free) and Pro (for commercial use). It goes without saying that the commercial version has some great functionality than free. However, the Home-release all the basic functions and features preserved.

As for the feature set, it is quite wide. The program allows you not only to set the automatic change wallpaper after a certain period of time, but also has the ability to automatically search for the specified parameters or topics using the connection to the servers Flickr and Vladstudio. Quite interesting is the fact that the application is able to automatically determine if there is enough for your screen resolution setting of a background image. No less important feature is the fact that with the help of this software, you can set the wallpaper immediately on two monitors. At the same time, the program automatically expands the image to the desktop of the two screens. Moreover, it is absolutely correct. If you deal with the settings, then there is nothing complicated. By and large, almost everything is automated. It only remains to choose the mode or set the time interval wallpaper changer.

As for the differences between the two versions, the commercial release, in addition to all, can be quite elementary add different taskbar on both monitors. Thus, it is possible to use, for example, and screen saver to be operated independently of each other. In addition, you can even easily edit the Welcome screen, which is displayed when booting the operating system. And of course, you can create multiple user profiles, which, in general, is used quite often.

To summarize, we can say with confidence that the desktop decoration, installation of changing the wallpaper and the search for them has never been so easy. Trust program, it will do everything for you. In addition, the application runs in the background and does not demanding on system resources. All settings can be accessed by clicking on the program icon in the system tray.



Download DisplayFusion For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8