DocX Viewer is a freeware program for viewing Word files in this format. To view docx files, you need so that no more Word on your own computer!

The DocX format prepares the users of older versions of Microsoft Word same problems as users of other Office programs such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice. While some of these can now also alternatives to Word deal with this format, but if you none of this is available, a program like the DocX Viewer is very useful.

DocX Viewer Features

DocX Viewer is primarily exactly what the name implies: a program for viewing Docx files that were created by Microsoft Word. We can not edit the files in order. But at least they can be so that print and opened some other ways.

When starting the Viewer Download DocX presented as an empty area. Files via the menu File / Open load or the F2 key. Then the document will open in the right side of the screen exactly as it would look in Word. There are links in the text, so these are also loaded in the program. The left we see a narrow column, in the alternate small, unobtrusive advertising notes. You can leave the switch off by a small one-time payment as well.

In two respects the DocX Viewer is however extremely helpful. On the one hand, you can mark in the display window, the document completely or partially, take it to the clipboard and then - do not assume in any other word processor - including formatting. On the other hand, it is also possible to print the displayed Docx files. And that allows us to convert these docx files into PDF files. For this purpose, one uses, for example, the freeware program Bullzip PDF Printer. It acts as a virtual printer driver and stores everything you can print as a PDF file.

Will you really use the DocX Viewer to print, so you should call in advance with the F8 key the Settings page and turn off for example the print lines in headers and footers and select the correct page size. Then it is advisable to call with F6 Print Preview to check the result in advance.


Download DocX Viewer