Double Driver - one of the most advanced and popular utility that allows you to see the most comprehensive information about all the device drivers installed on your system. The information is displayed in a list with the date of manufacture, manufacturer, etc. However, this software can create backups and drivers, and retrieve them when necessary.

Key Features Double Driver

The program is very serious approach to the detection of drivers of a device and allows you to view the full report on each of them. In this case, you can use the built-in filter that allows drivers sorted by name, manufacturer, date, and many other parameters. Quite simply, you can set and filter, if you want, for example, to see only the drivers installed on your system from Microsoft.

The most interesting in this program is not even the presence of comprehensive information and firmware, namely, the possibility of creating a backup and restore drivers because of it. After all, it goes without saying that no one is safe from cases of virus attack, system failure due to improper deletion of files and folders that are, in fact, lead to a complete paint. When restoring the system, you can use just a backup driver package. Moreover, such a copy works even in the case of a complete reinstallation of the operating system, provided that the backup is stored on the virtual disk. In other words, if you save a backup copy of, say, the disk D, even after formatting the partition C, you still get access to the virtual disk. It is here and there is no need to re-download the device driver from the Internet or install them from the removable media. Incidentally, in recent years the market of computer devices appeared quite a lot of equipment, drivers, which can not be supported by the standard means of Windows. As in this case, be? Surely it is not necessary to say that a donkey full Crush the system simply will not be able to install them, and the devices themselves, or will not be available or will not work quite the way it should be.


Here comes to the aid and the software product. Some just making a copy of the drivers can not be afraid that something or other device later will not work. This also applies to cases where the operating system itself, such devices simply do not support. Therefore, you have to wonder about how to back up on a clean system immediately after installation, though, and in the working OSes can perform the same actions. Believe me, restore drivers from backup is much easier than setting them manually.