3dmark represents the bottom of the most powerful and popular tools that is designed to test the components of the system in modern computer games. However, the direct purpose it is reduced to a series of tests to determine the performance and stability of the graphics accelerator or as it is called, the video card. It goes without saying that modern games using three-dimensional graphics, will be able to run far on all computers. And this program will allow you to easily determine the compatibility settings GPU and the game itself.

Key Features 3dmark

By and large, this software is a sort of well-known applications such as GPU-Z with elements of games. Only in this case, the game is not interactive, since the user can not affect the gameplay. The app is available in several versions with different capabilities and is by no means free. Although the Internet can find a lot of keys and activators for the correct operation of the complete set of functions without any restrictions.

To begin with the system requirements. So for normal application, you will need the operating system Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7, a processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz or higher RAM at 1GB, as well as the presence of system compatibility with DirectX version 11. The installation process will be updated Some components of the system, in particular, DirectX June 2010, Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010, SystemInfo to 4.0.0.

Basically, as mentioned above, the application is designed to test the compatibility of the video card. However, in some cases, the program can be used for a CPU test. This is especially needed for the games in which there is a game physics engine and artificial intelligence. You understand that in this case will be used processing system processes floating point that quite a large influence on the overall system performance. A total of six unique program offered tests that use modern technology for DirectX 11, including volumetric lighting, tessellation, multithreaded computations, compute shaders and more. Each test is unique and allows a completely different sides to assess the performance of the graphics chip. Actually, the interface is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.


Generally, the program is quite interesting. Each user can choose a series of tests, as well as the version of the product itself. Today, there are three major releases: Basic, Professional and Advanced. Each version has its own characteristics regarding the extended feature set, but, basically, all the main features are present in all releases.