AbiWord - software, primarily created as an alternative to the brainchild of Microsoft Word. To say that this program than it is very much different from the office suite, no. It is present almost the same set of features and capabilities. And something completely new program to please no one can. Is that plays the role of its free distribution.

Key Features AbiWord

Like many programs created for this field of application, AbiWord supports many formats of text documents. In the documents, of course, you can use the insert spreadsheets and images, use various patterns of text formatting, insert and modify the fonts installed in the system, to write different kinds of macros, and so on. E. And t. N.

Here there is a perfectly legitimate question: why use a copy of the already known text editors, whether an office suite from Microsoft or the same Lotus Pro?

To extend the functionality of a text editor, there are many supplements to help AbiWord can, so to speak, to "teach" to perform certain actions that you need that, in general, is the main "chip" of the program.

The rest of the program, in essence, no different from many others like her. It's clear that Microsoft's Office suite costs money, even by Western standards, and to use this alternative seems quite promising solution. However, I must say, not only for our users. In the vastness of the Internet, in principle, not really straining, you can find and hack office with all its components.


Download AbiWord 2.8.6 For Windows


Download AbiWord 2.8.6 For Linux