AceMoney Lite - software for conducting the domestic bookkeeping, designed for those users who may even be very far from accounting in general. In this case, everything is simple - the program allows to take into account all your income and expenses, as well as to keep records of funds by comparing them to some predetermined period of time.

Key Features Of AceMoney Lite

This application is a lightweight version of a broader package of accounting software, but, nevertheless, has a fairly wide range of features and functionality of the kit.

Immediately it should be said that the application can not only keep track of absolutely all items of income and expenses, but also on the basis of them, predict and plan for the future such articles.

One of the most interesting features of this software package is the ability to work with more than 150 currencies in the world. And that's what makes it so universal, that the application can use any person, regardless of their country of residence. Moreover, the program focuses on the automatic acquisition of foreign exchange rates on a given number of months. And, what is most interesting here is not tied to any particular unit of currency, the basis of which the calculation is made of the course. This is very handy if you are constantly on the move, or trips abroad.

The program interface is quite simple. Even if you do not know what part of the budget to put in an expense or income, it is always possible to use more than one hundred built-in templates. At the same patterns are clearly focused on groups of items and accounting of funds. The app also implies a strict reporting system that produces results and has the ability to compare income and expenses for a given period.


As for the storage and safe use of such data, the program has its own system of protection, plus everything to backup in order to restore all the necessary results reporting.

In general, it should be said that the program will be of interest to everyone who is far from some bookkeeping in general. Yes, in general, you do not need it. The program is designed so that you know the many aspects simply not necessary. Therefore, it is for home use program will be irreplaceable (provided, of course, that after all, going to keep track of your cash). At least, I think you can see, at times, it would seem, even the smallest waste, which in everyday life no one ever pays attention.

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