ACID Xpress Music - one of the easiest programs for young musicians, which allows you to create professional-quality tracks in just a few minutes. All this is achieved at the expense of the very foundation of the program. It is a type of loop-based, that is, based on the ready-made sequences. However, these capabilities are not limited to the application, can be used quite easily in real-time recording, and editing.

Key Features Of ACID Xpress Music

If we talk about the use of this software, the whole process is somewhat similar to work with such well-known applications like Magix MusicMaker, Dance Machine, Dance eJay, etc. For your imagination get a 10-track studio, which, in fact, uses all the gadgets. The main program window is divided into several parts, the principal of which are the window information, a set of samples and a mixing console. In order to establish any sequence as one of the tracks, just drag it from the window directly to the track. Here you can add the desired effect, the benefit of their missing. By the way, if you want to sustain a sequence, no need to add it again. You can just stretch the piece using a conventional mouse. But that's the only thing that is inconvenient, so this is something to add on one track different magnifiers simply impossible. Although, as for beginners DJ or dance club music lovers and ten tracks with enough head.

Otherwise, the program has a number of features characteristic of a professional virtual studio. In the console, you can adjust the volume of each track, sending a signal to the selected effects, the total reduction, etc. Needless to say, the program provided an opportunity to record audio with external connection, say a guitar, microphone or keyboard instruments. By the way, for the latter provides full synchronization using MIDI-interface, significantly expanding the use of the program.

After the final mix is ​​produced, it is possible to save the project, either in their native format, or to use the rendering to preserve, for example, in WAV or MP3. Immediately his work can be shared in the community of musicians on the developer's website.

In general, the program is, belongs to the category of professional sequencers such as virtual studio DAW. However, despite this, can give novice users to understand how it all works, and to teach them the basics of sound processing and music creation in general. So, for the home environment for the first time - what you need.


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