Acronis Drive Monitor - a small but very useful program which, simply put, monitors the status of the hard drive and allows you to pre-check any failures that may result not so much in the loss of data stored on it, but in general the total yield from the hard drive system. It is clear that the possibilities of the program will not help to restore the hard drive itself, but to prevent failure in his work - yes.

The Main Features Of Acronis Drive Monitor

Surely, everyone knows the medical adage that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat potoo. From the standpoint of medical and computer, it can be fully attributed to the purpose software package Acronis Drive Monitor. The fact that the program constantly monitors the status of the hard drive and the appearance of the slightest problem immediately notify the user. And here is the main time to react to the problem.

Now a little about how to do and on what principle based application action. I have to say that most people in fact have no idea on how to operate the hard drive, and what kind of errors or problems may occur in connection with this. Software errors, of course, for the most part it is related to the functioning of the operating system itself, improperly installed, or uninstall the software, and so on. D. This is not the worst. This kind of problem, in principle, quite easy to remove, even with improvised offered itself OSes (check disk defragmentation, system recovery, and so on. D.). But what if the hard drive begins, as they say, "to pour"? In other words, the surface itself is a hard drive becomes unusable. Winchester "packed" into the computer so that the track surface condition it is necessary only to disassemble, but it is not always advisable. Windows, which in most cases, such a check is made, but does not prevent. And this program is able to simultaneously monitor everything that happens to the hard drive, tracking his condition in terms of the software and the physical plane.

download-acronis-drive-monitor-windows-pcIn principle, the program is quite good, but there are also a kind of disadvantages. Primarily due to the fact that the application is only monitor tracking that when it detects a problem does not offer absolutely no solution to eliminate the problem. On the other hand, even though the program and is able to send a notification to the user via e-mail (if, say you do not have a data point at the computer), then it uses only SMTP-server. Particular difficulties in setting up the e-mail server is the presence of only Exchange. In addition, a report on the problems sent directly to the official server developer and there entered into the database, sometimes by itself irritates the majority of users.

On the other hand, no matter what the skeptics say, the program allows comprehensive monitoring SMART type, or using a custom script. Well, plus everything there is full support for RAID-arrays and integration with Acronis Backup and Restore.