Summary Of Active Partition Recovery Enterprise

Active Partition Recovery Enterprise is really a comprehensive and effective file recovery tool that enables you to definitely recover erased partitions and logical disks on hard disk drives.

With this particular version you can engage in both DOS and Home windows versions benefits in a single package. This incredible program allows you to definitely backup the actual boot record (MBR) partition table and boot certain industries. Furthermore, you may also undelete both primary and extended partitions, display complete actual physical and logical drive information, recover erased partitions (FAT, FAT32 and NTFS), produce a drive image for backup reasons and much more. Additionally, it corrects BOOT.INI and Volume Boot Industries to help keep the machine bootable and safe and reinstates MBR from backup, just in case the partition structure was broken with a virus or unintentionally erased. Additionally, it includes Active Recovery utility, which enables you to definitely save particular folders and files just in case the partition is seriously broken and can't be retrieved correctly, along with a downloadable Bootable Home windows Compact disc-ROM ISO image to recuperate system partitions from Home windows atmosphere. Here you can observe a demo from the Home windows version, but don't forget that Active Partition Recovery Enterprise offers quite a bit more to provide.

download-active-partition-recovery-enterprise-pc-516541Features Of Active Partition Recovery Enterprise

  • Recover erased partitions (FAT and NTFS)
  • Restore erased FAT and NTFS Logical Drives
  • Create Drive Image - for backup reasons
  • Scan hard disk drives and identify erased FAT and NTFS partitions and/or Drives
  • Preview folders and files on erased partition or drive, to recuperate proper data
  • Backup MBR (Master Boot Record), Partition Table, Boot Industries
  • Restore MBR, Partition Table and Boot Industries from backup if broken
  • Undelete partitions (Primary and Extended)
  • Create and restore Raw Disk Image to Hard disk drive
  • Bare this program on the bootable floppy disk because of its small size
  • Display complete Physical and Logical Drive information
  • Utilize it effortlessly: controlled by only arrows, ENTER, ESC secrets

download-active-partition-recovery-enterprise-pc-51521Technical Setup  Of Active Partition Recovery Enterprise

•    Full Title of software program: Active Partition Recovery Enterprise
•    Version :
•    Setup File Size: 5.5MB
•    Installer Type: offline
•    System sort : 32bits/64bits
•    License : Free Trail
•    Developer : Partition Recovery

download-active-partition-recovery-enterprise-pc-512System Requirements For Active Partition Recovery Enterprise

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • Hard Disk: 500MB of free space required
  • Processor: Quad core