Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller - a program designed for the complete removal of the universal player for playing movies in any format SWF applications and programs, as well as on-line using any type of web browsers. Standard Windows uninstaller to completely remove an application simply can not.

The Main Features Of Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller

It is no secret that many users often face the problem when this universal player installed in the system, and is especially true as the installation of certain add-ons to the browser or application of this player for playing Flash movies or some types of streaming video by default. Even when you update installer program requires a complete reinstall and uninstall the previous version.

Unfortunately, the standard program like Windows Uninstaller does not allow for complete removal of this type of software. After him, still remain in the system, some dynamic libraries and virtual drivers, which could lead to a fairly strong inhibition Windows. And even program optimizers do not always cope with this problem.

This application is designed exactly the same production company and allows you to completely get rid of the debris that may remain after the removal of the main program files and dynamic link libraries, as well as many unnecessary in most cases codecs and decoders. In addition, when you install the new version, as a rule, many of the new replace the file with the old version are simply incompatible. And for this reason, the process of installing a new release just may end in failure.

This product is much greater than a fairly large number of programs created in this area. Yes, this is understandable. After all, no one better than the developer of this type of software does not know that it is necessary to remove or where prescribed certain files during installation.