Advanced SystemCare is a utility to optimize and improve the performance of operating systems Windows, which has a much more advanced functionality, compared to the many applications of this type. To some extent, it combines the capabilities of the optimizer, spyware and system derangement.

Main Features Of Advanced SystemCare

Say that distributive take up much space, it is not. He "weighs" about 30 MB, which by modern standards, not quite a lot. But, after installation, you get a very powerful tool that allows you to customize virtually everything with UEM may be encountered during operation of Windows.

For example, the program is quite elementary cleans the registry from incorrect or obsolete keys and references. Along the way, you can set and defragment the whole registry, which naturally increases the speed of the operating system and reduces the time it is loaded. Moreover, we all know that after the removal of the many programs the standard Windows, which is a lot of tracks and debris that remove automatically simply impossible. These files need to find and remove manually. This software allows you to cope with this problem.


Not less interesting is the delete function and prevent the penetration of computer various types of spyware modules, add-ons to the browser or malware, which are usually classified as SpyWare or AdWare. In this sense, the program works much better than many specialized tools.

When you first run a full scan is performed with the operating system to identify potential software and system problems and remedies. Further, if you are in doubt in the conduct of an action, you can specify a backup in order to restore the system or rollback changes. In principle, the program will prompt you to create a copy.

Among other things, the application can be used as a powerful tool for defragmenting. And, defragmentation can be applied not only to the hard disk or partition, but also to the registry that prevents the user from using other available tools. And check this type can be set either manually on demand, or using the scheduler with built-in schedules.

Actually, if you look, among software packages such orientation Advanced SystemCare Free occupies a leading position and, unlike many products in this area is absolutely free and does not even have restrictions on commercial use.