Apache - one of the most advanced programs, which, in fact, is a multi-virtual server with support for all major functions and features work in remote connections or computers within a single network. If you understand that we are dealing with krossplatfomennoy medium web application development. However, unlike most such programs, software Apache has the most flexible configuration and allows you to connect external modules of the same type of processing PHP.

The Main Features of Apache

As the functionality of the package, we are dealing here with support for multiple operating systems in terms and in terms of software. The fact that your own modules, as it turns out, the program is called, however, makes it easy to use a variety of related program elements such as PHP or requests MySQL, which are based on virtually all platforms developed in this area. All of this can be found on our website and download free. Moreover, you should pay attention to the best programs presented in this series.

No less interesting opportunity Apache software is built-in support for virtual hosts. In other words, the program allows you to define the same IP-address several resources simultaneously controlling them and serving them. Such opportunities do not always occur in this type of program, and we must pay tribute, this application copes with this one hundred percent.

download-apache-windows-pcAdditional features worth noting that this environment, though, and distributed free of charge and is available in sections such as "download" using a search engine, however, has the ability to embed additional modules and supports quite a number of programming languages. Among the languages ​​are present, at least, PHP, Python, etc., and modules that can be connected to the program as a free plug-ins, there are about five hundred. In fact, they are added to the basic feature set, which makes such advanced features of this application. It goes without saying that all these additions need to install additional manual mode. However, each user can choose for themselves what to install, and that - no.

Thus, if we consider the application Apache, it becomes clear that the environment of web application development has never been so easy as with this software. Yes, and special knowledge to create or check the status of the virtual server or site have simply not necessary.

Download Apache For Windows PC